After 8 months development I hereby proudly present ichinscratchy v0.1.0

It is an Ichimoku-based trading system originally developed in libreoffice/ openoffice basic macro language and rewritten in C from scratch. This is the initial release, the highlights of this version include:

  • fully customizable Ichimoku analysis: Tweak periods, choose which signals and/which strength should be executed
  • two different stop loss strategies: classic percentage stop plus volatility based stop. Both can be set to be trailing, up/down or fixed ones
  • arbitrary number of markets: you have the data- ichinscratchy does the ichimoku!
  • risk management currently position/symbol-wise (stop loss, number of positions per market)
  • generates skript files to plot charts with GNUPlot (price, indicators, signals)
  • backtest the strategy (10 year DAX backtest ~100sec on my machine)
  • statistics for backtests
  • printout current market situation (see weekly ichimoku overview on this blog)
  • fully opensource, source code included. Documentation continuously growing

As this is the initial release, it currently of course has limitations:

  • Linux only (though you could try to compile it yourself for other platforms)
  • MySQL needed (program stores everything there)
  • definetly not a fire-and-forget/easy-to-use program, some skills in MySQL/Linux console/C programming wouldn't hurt

If you are interested, I created a new category for it on my blog (see top menu), or follow this link: The Ichinscratchy trading system

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