Unfortunately I have to delay the weekly overview somewhat due to a nasty bug I discovered today. This bug shows only under certain circumstances if the additional trend filter is applied. When run daily with the last quotes of today, everything works fine. If the system runs a couple of days backwards (like I do when compiling the weekly overview) the program generates signals that would be valid only with the filter=off.

I think I found and fixed this bug, but have to test this a bit. Because of that the weekly overview will come on Saturday, maybe Sunday.  If you can't wait: In addition to the 3 signals mentioned in the blog, Cocoa generated a short signal today:

==== Executable signal: 2017-01-13  Cocoa  short  Kijun Cross  Death X at 2215.50000

Wish you a nice and relaxing weekend and a lot of spare time :)

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