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OpenTradingSystem v0.5 released

We hereby proudly present version 0.5 of OTraSys, the Open Trading System Framework. This release marks a milestone for the software, for several reasons. The most obvious one being the new name. Since the software is now mature enough for productive testing, we changed the name to avoid possible problems due to the name conflict with another ip. Additionally, the old name was more of a joke that somehow stuck through development.
This release is a continuation from the complete under-the-hood overhaul that v0.4 brought. But aside some bug fixes and improved stability, also a couple of important features made it into the release:

Please note that the system is currently working only for stocks correctly. For FOREX, Futures and CFD the P/L calculation is broken, but will be redone in future releases. The database record for all stoplosses was redone and is working again.



New features

changed/new config file options


database changes:

Please note that the changes mentioned below break compatibility with prior program versions!


You can download the software from the official gitlab repository at

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